Our Team

Andrew Cunningham

Lead Web Designer

Andrew Cunningham, a resident of Wheeling, WV is the lead web designer at 2nd Alarm Media. In 2011, Andrew graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA with a Master of Science in Multimedia Digital Arts. His specialty is web design and development, but he also does video editing and photography. Andrew started 2nd Alarm Media in 2011 as a media company focusing on firefighter multimedia. He produced a number of firefighter videos on Youtube and designed an un-official website for the Wheeling Fire Department (formally WheelingFire.com). His original idea for the company was to do websites for local fire departments only. In 2015, Andrew shifted the focus of the company to designing affordable websites all emergency service fields including fire, police and ems agencies. In 2016, Andrew also started providing services to small buisnesses and non-profit organizations.

In the past, Andrew has worked as a freelance graphic designer for a web design company out of Martinsburg, WV. While attending graduate school in Pittsburgh, Andrew worked as a contract HTML programmer at Pipitone Group, a contract quality assurance worker for EDMC and a front-end web developer for JP Enterprises. Andrew is also currently self-employed as a Data Miner and HTML coder, freelancing for Gums ‘n Roses Vending out of Martinsburg, WV. Here he has compiled data and coded information for firefighter web directories in Florida, Outer Banks (NC), Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Massachusetts and other states. Andrew also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from West Liberty University. At WLU, Andrew was a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society.

In his leisure time, Andrew enjoys taking fire department photos and videos in Wheeling, playing classical trumpet, gaming on Xbox One and cooking.

Jordan Roth

WordPress Consultant/cPanel Administrator


Jordan Roth is a graduate of Pittsburgh Technical Institute and he graduated with an Associates of Science degree, with a concentration in Network Administration. Jordan is our primary IT/Network specialist for 2nd Alarm Media and Wheeling’s Bravest online. Jordan’s specialty is the back-end of WordPress websites and configuring the security and integrity of the websites. Jordan is a resident of Wheeling, WV and owns WheelingsBravest.com. He runs online fire/police dispatch out of his house 24/7 through Broadcastify.com. He has the ability to record all major fire and police incidents on the computer so WheelingsBravest.com can post the fire-ground audio from a major incident the next day for review. This is beneficial to the firefighters for training purposes and to educate others as well. Most recently, Jordan programmed a Fire Alert program called FTO (Fire Tone Out) that listens to the scanner and when certain “structure fire tones” are used by the dispatchers, records a 30 second audio mp3 file of the initial dispatch (with the address of the fire, the companies responding) and sends it out to users via email and text messaging. This makes it easy for fire photographers and news reporters and any interested parties to receive information about when there is a structure fire in Wheeling.